Since its start in 1875 Strauss Feeds has been a family owned agricultural business. At Strauss Feeds the average barn holds between 180-270 calves, with heated barns during the cold months and year-round ventilation for fresh, clean air. This size barn gives calves room to stand, stretch, lie down and naturally groom. But this barn is also built with stainless steel troughs, gates, and Tenderfoot flooring. *

Strauss Feeds is also Safe Feed/ Safe Food Certified to ensure safety for calves throughout every stage of life. These calves receive a well-balanced diet consisting of vitamins, minerals, added energy, and iron. Including milk and a sufficient amount of roughage.

All Strauss Feeds farmers are Veal Quality Assurance (VQA) certified ensuring best practices and management of all farms. From humane animal care and on-farm practices to enhance veal quality.

*Tenderfoot Flooring: world-renowned slat flooring system for livestock production.

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Formula 1 Feeds is a three-generation Family owned vertically intergraded veal operation, which started producing calves in 1968 and Incorporated later in 1976. Formula 1 Feeds also has a sister, Corporation of WaJa Farms, Inc., Newton’s Farm Operating Company, and Formula 1 Feeds Holding Co. They are one of only two vertically intergraded veal operations in the U.S. Formula 1 has approximately 15,000 calves on feed at all times. They also own, control, and truck their own equipment all the way from the sale barn to slaughter. All growers are VQA certified and truck drivers Humane Handling Certified, and also feed reps are at each barn every week to watch over the health of the calves. Lastly, all calves are fed exclusively Formula 1 Feed which is a milk replacer made up of Diary Bi-products and fat. This is fed to the calves until they are 20 to 22 weeks of age at which point they are ready for slaughter.